The Collections

Each season, Zesta designs new jewelry collections full of magic.

Discover the latest jewelry collections and the feminine and poetic universe they are made of.


The Circles

Universal symbol of unity, alliance and eternity; the circle is at the center of this new collection of jewelry.
Discover a collection of jewels with precious and timeless charm.

The Evil Eye

Symbol of protection, luck and success, the Evil Eye inspired the designer to create a magnificent new collection of discreet charm jewelry. Discover the full range of jewelry that will bring you happiness!

The Sunshine

For centuries the Sun has been associated with fire, gold and creative power. Zesta imagined to illustrate this magnificent star at the heart of this new collection. Discover sparkling and airy Suns set with gemstones or Zirconia.

The Dreamcatcher

The Dreamcatcher, an artisanal object with a mystical charm, is at the heart of the new jewelry collection imagined by the designer. Fall for this collection of magical and dazzling jewelry!


Magnetism is a fascinating phenomenon at the origin of the new collection imagined by the designer, who has drawn dynamic and sparkling interlacings set with Zirconia stones with Vintage accents.

The Moonshine

Passionate about the Moon, the designer has chosen two stars as the emblem of the brand. For this new jewelry collection, she designed a piece of jewelry made up of a part of the visible glittering star and a full moon vibrating with energy.

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